Electric Portable Wheelchair for Travel

Introducing the Meyra iTravel Carbon Electric Portable Wheelchair

Imagine a wheelchair that redefines convenience and freedom. The iTravel is not just another electric portable wheelchair; it’s a testament to advanced engineering, designed for those who refuse to be confined by limitations. It’s the embodiment of freedom, offering unparalleled mobility options to individuals desiring to explore the world or simply move around with utmost comfort and ease.

At the Mobility Hub located in the North Shore of Auckland, this cutting-edge electric portable wheelchair is changing the game for those seeking independence and ease in their daily lives.

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Travel-Friendly Mobility Device

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Unmatched Portability: Weighing in at an incredibly light 22kg, the iTravel electric wheelchair is a game-changer for travel enthusiasts and everyday users alike. Its lightweight and foldable design make it effortless to transport, whether it’s a trip to the mall, a flight overseas, or a cruise on the high seas.

2. Easy Foldability: With a simple, one-move folding mechanism, this wheelchair transforms for storage or transport in seconds. The side panels and leg rests fold seamlessly along with the chair, ensuring hassle-free handling for its users.

3. Versatile Usage: The iTravel isn’t just for indoor use. It offers a comfortable ride indoors, at home, in residential care settings, or while navigating malls. Moreover, it’s designed for short outdoor distances on level and firm terrain, expanding its usability beyond confined spaces.


Empowering Lives Through Enhanced Mobility

The impact of the Meyra iTravel Carbon Electric Portable Wheelchair extends far beyond its technical specifications. It symbolizes a world of possibilities, empowering individuals with mobility challenges to embrace life without constraints.

1. Travel Made Effortless: For those who love to travel, this wheelchair becomes an indispensable companion, simplifying the complexities of mobility during adventures. Say goodbye to the worries of accessibility barriers and embrace a new sense of freedom.

2. Independence Redefined: Beyond its functionality, the iTravel represents independence. It’s not just a mode of transport but a tool that enables users to lead their lives on their terms, enhancing confidence and autonomy.

3. Inclusive Design: The innovative engineering and thoughtful design of the iTravel speak to the commitment to inclusivity. It’s a statement that everyone deserves the right to accessible, convenient, and comfortable mobility solutions..

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