Visit the Mobility Hub with your own therapist

You can bring or meet your own Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist at the Mobility Hub. We have assessment areas and all the mobility equipment on hand for you to try out. Our ultimate objective is to empower you with choices and potential solutions. This is so your mobility and independence are enhanced.

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Equipment Assessments

Finding the right equipment solution for your needs is a combination of an assessment of your physical requirements and limitations. This is so you can maintain everyday activities independently. We have equipment in our showroom for you to try, and you can even imitate your daily kitchen activities in our showroom kitchen.

We are an affiliated equipment provider for the Ministry of Health and ACC, and we have a collection of equipment that has already been pre-approved by these organisations for funding. Alternatively, all our equipment can be privately purchased.

We have in-house technical support and carry all spare parts, so we can support you promptly in the event of a breakdown or undertake preventative service if required.

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