Return & Refund Policy

Online Returns Policy

This section of the Returns Policy is applicable to purchases made online from (“Morton & Perry Limited”) only.

For the Morton & Perry Limited purchases returns policy, please see at the bottom of this page.

Change of Mind

Please make an informed decision, since we are not required to issue refund if you change your mind about particular purchase.


Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (‘CGA’) ensures that you have legal rights in relation to the goods [and services] you purchase.
These are referred to as consumer guarantees and include the following:

1. A guarantee that the products are of acceptable quality, which means that they are suitable for all uses for which products of that sort are generally supplied;

  • free of minor defects;
  • safe;
  • durable;
  • and acceptable in appearance and finish.

2. A guarantee that the items are suitable for any purpose specified by you or for which we claim that they are or will be suitable;
3. A guarantee that the items conform to the description provided; and
4. A warranty that the products correspond to any sample or demonstration model in the event that the products are given in relation to such sample or model.

If the goods [or services] we provide do not meet the consumer guarantee, we shall comply with our duties to give a remedy under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA).

These assurances are in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty, and you may have direct rights against the manufacturer.

The CGA does not apply where the products have been used in a manner or extent inconsistent with the manner or extent of use that a reasonable consumer would expect from the goods; and the goods would have complied with the guarantee of acceptable quality if they hadn’t been used in that manner or extent.