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Welcome to Mobility Hub: Where Mobility Meets Heart

At the heart of Mobility Hub, our devoted team of compassionate experts is poised and ready to accompany you on your unique journey toward reclaiming your independence. Our promise is to infuse every moment of your experience with joy and comfort by tenderly steering you towards the most fitting and uplifting solutions. Your path to freedom is our shared passion, and we are here, every step of the way, to ensure that your experience is not just seamless but also filled with warmth and support.

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Quality Mobility Equipment for everyone and everybody

About Us

Nestled in the serene North Shore of Auckland, Mobility Hub isn’t just a place; it’s a warm embrace, founded in 2022 by our family at Morton & Perry. Here, our story is woven with compassion and driven by a shared mission to transform lives.

A Home for Everyone

At Mobility Hub, we invite you to step into a world where testing mobility equipment isn’t just about functionality but about finding your perfect match. Whether it’s rollators, manual and electric wheelchairs, independence chairs, or cozy reclining couches, our space is designed for you to touch, feel, and embrace the independence these products offer.

A Sanctuary for Care

Beyond a mere shop, Mobility Hub is a haven for caregivers and therapists. Here, they’re invited to bring their clients, transforming our space into a consultation oasis, where kindness reigns and expert advice is offered freely. It’s about coming together, exploring options, and nurturing a sense of hope and possibility.

The Heart Behind Mobility Hub

David Morton, the soulful visionary behind Mobility Hub, isn’t just a director; he’s a passionate advocate. His eyes have witnessed three decades of stories, struggles, and triumphs in the world of mobility equipment. He handpicks our range, not just with products in mind but with hearts and stories of resilience. He believes in the inherent worth of every individual, fighting for their right to the equipment that promises a life of greater quality, independence, and empowerment.

Our Warm Embrace

 Our team at Mobility Hub isn’t just a group of individuals but a family. We are here to wrap you in understanding, support, and encouragement throughout your journey. We believe that finding the right mobility equipment isn’t just a transaction; it’s a journey of rediscovering your freedom and sense of self.

Every step you take towards mobility is a step towards embracing life more fully. Our heartfelt invitation is to come, explore, and let us be a part of your story. In the warmth of Mobility Hub, we’re not just offering equipment; we’re extending our hand in solidarity, saying, “You’re not alone; we’re here for you.”

Let’s embark on this journey together. At Mobility Hub, it’s not just about mobility; it’s about the warmth, understanding, and support that make every step a little easier.

Where Compassion Fuels Mobility and Hearts Find Home.

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