Vela Chair Indoor Mobility Device

Let a VELA chair be your indoor mobility device for more freedom at home

Arthritis, a common disorder affecting bones, muscles, and joints, can present challenges to daily life.

For those seeking relief, the VELA Chair emerges as a beacon of comfort and support. The VELA chair indoor mobility device is available at the Mobility Hub on Auckland’s North Shore.

In this blog, we explore how these versatile chairs provide reliable assistance for adults of all ages facing the daily struggles of arthritis.

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What can a VELA chair indoor mobility device do for you?

Reliable Arthritis Assistive Products for Home or Work:

Living with arthritis often means contending with discomfort during routine activities.

The standard office chair may fall short in providing the necessary support.

Enter the VELA Chair – an indoor mobility device. The VELA chair is a reliable alternative designed to adjust to your needs. With electric lift functions and comfortable armrests, it transforms your work experience, making it more relaxing and enjoyable.

Versatile Assistive Devices for Rheumatoid Arthritis:

The challenges of rheumatoid arthritis can significantly impact daily routines. VELA understands these challenges and offers ergonomically designed indoor mobility devices that provide relief for those with arthritis.

Compact and versatile, these chairs navigate tight spaces effortlessly, offering a welcomed reprieve for arthritis sufferers, enhancing productivity and daily management.



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What are the best features of the VELA chair?

The VELA Chair boasts an array of features to address the specific challenges posed by arthritis.

From smooth-running wheels that conserve energy to an electric lift for effortless height adjustment, every detail is considered.

Sturdy armrests not only support your body weight but also offer a comfortable resting place for tired arms.

Be Mobile and Stay Refreshed with Our Arthritis Aids:

Fatigue is a common companion for those with arthritis, sapping energy throughout the day. VELA Chairs step in to support your daily routine, offering a refreshed feeling that empowers you to engage in activities you enjoy.

From meal preparation to household chores, this indoor mobility device has safety-enhancing features and supportive design make daily tasks more manageable.


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Safety and support with the Vela Independence chairs:

Safety-Enhancing Assistive Devices for Arthritis Patients:

Safety is a top priority for arthritis patients, and the VELA Chair addresses this concern head-on. The sturdy central brake ensures the chair stays put, providing peace of mind during transitions. The electric lift feature not only aids in sit-to-stand movements but also minimizes stress on painful joints, conserving precious energy.

Supportive Chair with Arms:

Sturdy armrests on the VELA Chair offer stability and support when needed the most. Serving as a versatile aid for safe transfers, sit-to-stand assistance, or a comfortable relaxation spot, these chairs open up endless possibilities for users. Unlike traditional assistive products, the VELA Chair allows you to engage in daily activities with optimal comfort and support.

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Vela chairs can assist you all the way

Incorporating a VELA indoor mobility device into your life means more than just having a mobility aid.

It’s a transformative experience, providing comfort, support, and the freedom to engage in daily activities with newfound ease.

Visit our Mobility Hub on the North Shore of Auckland to discover how VELA Chairs are redefining mobility and empowering individuals to live life to the fullest, regardless of arthritis-related challenges.

VELA Chair gives you back your independence

The versatility of the VELA Independence chair extends beyond just being a comfortable seat; it’s your ticket to seamless engagement in a myriad of activities both at home and work. Imagine effortlessly gliding across the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal – the smooth-running wheels of the VELA chair make it an ideal companion for culinary adventures.

Whether you’re stirring a pot on the stove or chopping vegetables at the counter, the ergonomic support ensures that you’re not just cooking; you’re doing it with optimal comfort.

The VELA chair transforms mundane tasks into enjoyable experiences. Washing dishes in the sink becomes a breeze as you set the brake, adjust the seat height, and tilt forward for easy access. This chair isn’t just providing assistance; it’s enhancing your daily routine, giving you the freedom to engage in activities that bring joy and satisfaction.

The VELA chair is your perfect partner for entertaining friends. Serving snacks or drinks becomes a delightful experience as you effortlessly maneuver between guests, thanks to the chair’s smooth wheels and stable central brake. The sturdy armrests provide support and a convenient place to rest tired arms as you mingle and enjoy the company of friends.

In the workplace, the VELA chair continues to shine. The electric lift feature allows you to adjust the seat height effortlessly, providing access to various surfaces with minimal effort. It’s not just a chair for work; it’s a tool that adapts to your needs, making your workday more relaxed and energized.

In essence, the VELA Independence chair is your all-in-one solution, seamlessly integrating into every aspect of your life. It’s not just about mobility; it’s about empowerment, enabling you to cook, clean, socialize, and work with unparalleled comfort and support.

Live life on your terms with the VELA Independence chair by your side.


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See how a VELA chair indoor mobility rollator can help you at home

Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


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