What is the best walking aid for the elderly?

What is the best walking aid for the elderly?

To answer that question, we need to look at what the users’ needs are.

What do they struggle with?

  • Balance?
  • Getting up from sit to stand?
  • Fall prevention? 

And where would they use the walker the most?

  • Indoors?
  • Outdoor – smooth terrain?
  • Outdoor – uneven terrain?

We’ve put together some useful information below to help users choose the most suitable walking aid. 

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Walker for Balance

All walkers are designed to give the user support and security when walking however, 4 wheel walkers offer more stability than 3 wheel rollators.

Most walkers are foldable, have a seat and storage basket. When looking for a walking frame in NZ, the Mobility Hub offers a wide range of mobility walkers.

We hold the agency for Topro Walkers which are highly popular in Europe and are made in Germany.

Walker for Neurological Condition

For neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, we recommend a walker that requires the user to activate the handles to release the brakes. This is an extra safety feature that prevents the walker from rolling away from the user.

Topro Neuro has a reverse braking system that will only move when the brakes are pushed in, allowing the brakes to engage automatically for sitting and standing.

Walker with Seat

An integrated seat is the perfect addition to a walker, and therefore most of our walkers have one. A seat allows the user to take a rest when feeling tired or dizzy.

In addition, the walker can be used as a café seat in situations where the user requires armrests to push themselves up to stand.

Topro walkers have a mesh seat. This allows the user to view their foot placement through the mesh seat, preventing mis-steps.

Walker for Indoors

Indoor walkers in general are required to be narrow in order to fit through doorways and offer a tray for the transportation of goods and food.

Walkers for narrow doorways include our 3 wheel rollator which offers a storage basket. Hestia van Topro has been designed for indoor use and offers many practical and safety functionalities – even a one handed brake.

Walker for Outdoors

Outdoor walkers allow you to navigate easily over kerbs, have a storage bag, seat and backrest.

We have walkers in a variety of sizes and models – from a carbon fibre walker to a walker with gutter arm rests.

Gutter frame armrests allow you to place the weight on the forearms instead of the hands.

Walker for Outdoor Activities

For off the concrete track, the Topro Olympos is the ideal walker. 

With bigger tyres and a more robust (but still light-weight) frame, the Topro Olympus allows for easier off-road navigation.

The seat allows you to have a rest or even throw your fishing rod out. The chiller bag allows you to store your lunch or a cold drink.