Vela Chair: The Indoor Rollator – FAQ

VELA chair: Your indoor mobility chair at home or at the office

While traditional rollators and walkers provide essential support for short trips to the grocery store or local shops, the VELA chair takes your mobility to the next level.

Whether you face temporary fatigue or more lasting limitations, the VELA chair ensures you maintain independence and mobility within the comfort of your home or office.

Experience a range of benefits that go beyond conventional support, enabling you to move freely and comfortably.

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What can a VELA chair indoor mobility chair do for you?

Experience newfound independence and comfort with the VELA Independence Chair – a versatile mobility solution designed for individuals facing various challenges, such as elderly individuals, disabled adults, amputees, and those with neurological conditions.

If your energy levels limit your activities throughout the day, it’s time to explore the benefits of the VELA Independence Chair as a superior alternative to traditional indoor rollators.

At Mobility Hub, our commitment to offering mobility aids for people with diverse needs shines through in our thoughtfully designed range of European independence chairs. Specifically tailored to enhance your home life, the VELA Independence Chair offers a range of advantages surpassing those of a standard walker.

Enjoy the following benefits with a VELA Independence Chair compared to a rollator or walker:

  • Seamless mobility from A to B while comfortably seated.
  • Height adjustability for easy access to top cupboards and lower dishwasher drawers.
  • Reduced physical strain – the chair doesn’t demand the same strength or energy as a rollator.
  • Comfortable seating for various activities, from cooking to relaxation.
  • Enhanced safety with built-in brakes, ensures complete peace of mind.

Consider the VELA Independence Chair as a valuable addition to your home, transforming your living space into a more accessible and less strenuous environment. While not intended as a replacement for a mobility walker, the chair empowers you to engage in more of the activities you love.

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Vela Chair: Greater comfort in the home

The VELA chair is designed with your comfort in mind, providing a plush seat cushion and excellent back support that surpasses the rigid and uncomfortable seating commonly associated with traditional walkers.

The ergonomic design of the VELA chair ensures that you enjoy a level of comfort previously unavailable with standard walking frames. Unlike walkers featuring hard seats that can be challenging to sit on, the VELA chair offers a supportive and cushioned seating experience, promoting relaxation and well-being.

This heightened level of comfort is especially beneficial for elderly individuals seeking relief and ease within their own homes. The VELA chair’s comfortable seat cushion and excellent back support contribute to an enhanced sense of well-being, allowing you to navigate your home with greater comfort and reduced physical strain.

Consider the VELA chair as more than just a mobility aid; it is a lifestyle enhancer tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals seeking a superior indoor mobility solution.

By choosing the VELA chair, you’re not merely opting for an alternative to traditional walkers – you’re embracing a transformative experience that starts from the moment you wake up. Relieve your body, conserve your energy, and enjoy the unparalleled comfort provided by the VELA chair throughout your daily routine, ensuring that your home becomes a haven of relaxation and ease. Elevate your home life with the VELA chair, where comfort meets mobility for an enriched and rejuvenated living experience.

See how a VELA chair indoor mobility rollator can help you at home

Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


Vela Chair Mobility Rollator and how it can help


Easy to move to and from a VELA chair

Transitioning from one room to another has never been easier, thanks to the thoughtful design features that prioritize your convenience and safety.

Getting in and out of the VELA Chair is a breeze, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience. The chair is equipped with a robust brake mechanism, providing stability as you move to and from the chair. No more worries and concerns about the chair rolling away unexpectedly; the solid brake ensures a secure and stable platform, offering peace of mind during transitions.


Vela Chairs Most Common General Questions


What is the user weight limit for VELA chairs?

We have several types of chairs that can handle different weights. We make chairs for both children and adults. Our standard adult chairs are tested and approved for a 160 kg maximum weight load. We also have bariatric chairs with a 300 kg maximum weight load. You can see the maximum weight load and recommended user weight on a specific chair by looking at the product sheet of the chair or contacting a dealer for specific advice and guidance on which chair to choose.


Electric or manual height adjustment?

The primary functions of the VELA chairs are wheels (mobility), ergonomic chair with armrest (comfort and stability), brake (safety) and height adjustment (activity). You get the most out of your VELA chair when you change your sitting height accordingly to your activities. The height adjustment can either be activated by using electricity or by using a gas spring.


What is the difference between a chair with a gas lift and an electric lift?

One of the essential functions of our chairs is height adjustment. You get the most out of your VELA chair when you can change your sitting height according to your activities. Therefore, you must choose the height adjustment according to which type you can manage. Choose between:

Electric lift, if you lack the strength to use your legs whenever you need to change the seat height, or you can’t get up and sit down without assistance.

Gas lift, if you have the leg strength to change your seat height, every time you need to sit differently, and you don’t need help getting up or sitting down.


Can I use a VELA chair on my carpet?

The VELA Chair is suitable for use on low-pile, wall-to-wall carpets. However, please note that it is not recommended for use on high-pile carpets, as the resistance of high-pile carpets may hinder the chair’s smooth movement.

Additionally, for your safety, avoid using the chair on loose rugs. Loose rugs can shift, fold, or slip, increasing the risk of accidents and falls. It’s essential to ensure a stable and secure surface when using the chair to maintain your safety and comfort. If you have any questions or concerns about using the chair on specific floor types, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team for guidance and assistance.


Can I use the VELA chair on hard floors?

Yes, a VELA chair has rubber wheels that roll nicely and “soft” on hard floors.


What is the height of the seat from the floor at the lowest and highest positions?

The height from the floor to the seat varies from 38 cm to 51 cm, depending on the model. The height adjustment interval is 10, 15, 20 or 30 cm, depending on your need. 


How wide is a VELA chair? 

A standard VELA chair is only 65 cm wide, which means you can get the chair through a doorway and manoeuver it in a small kitchen.


Does the chair need charging every day?

It depends on how much you use the chair’s electrical functions. However, we recommend that you charge the chair every day. Daily charging extends the battery life as well as ensure adequate power for the entire day.


Can I buy a cover for the seat of the chair? 

Yes, we have water-repellent covers for the chair seat, which is especially good if you have incontinence or spill a lot, e.g. when eating.


I lost my charger, can I buy a new one?

Yes, it is possible to buy a new charger. Contact your dealer to order a new charger.


Can I buy spare parts for the chair?

Yes, it is possible to buy spare parts for your VELA chair. However, you must contact your dealer and agree further with them regarding the purchase of spare parts and installation/repair. 


Can the chair get through a doorway?

Yes, it can. Our chairs are typically no wider than 65 cm, and a standard doorway is 70-90 cm. 


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