Vicair Centre Relief O2


Wheelchair cushion to offload the tailbone area

Even in the most severe circumstances, the Vicair Centre Relief 02 wheelchair cushion enables you to sit safely and comfortably. This coccyx air cushion is extremely helpful if you need to completely offload the rectum, perineum tailbone, coccyx, or scrotum areas, particularly in cases of localised deep pressure injuries or following associated surgery. Simply change the compartment’s number of cells.

For wheelchair users who need assistance preventing pressure injuries, the Vicair Centre Relief coccyx air cushion is excellent. It is also a top-notch complement to a treatment strategy for pressure injuries (stage I to IV), which have a low to high probability of occurring.








Visit the Mobility Hub showroom in Wairau Valley Auckland, for advice on the Vicair Centre Relief O2 Wheelchair Cushion and to trial.