Vicair Active O2 – 9cm


Lightweight Pressure Relief Cushion

This Vicair Active O2 – 9cm thick wheelchair air cushion is intended for active wheelchair users who enjoy sports.

  • It is extremely light, weighing only 1.25kg on average, and features a unique combination of ergonomically shaped foam in the front and Vicair SmartCells in the rear sacral area.
  • The four rear SmartCell compartments provide excellent comfort and skin protection by relieving pressure on the sitting bones and tailbone area. The foam front facilitates transfers while also improving stability.
  • The front of the cushion has a handy storage pouch for keeping personal items close at hand.
  • Excellent for manual wheelchairs.
  • The Vicair Active O2 is an excellent pressure relief cushion for users who are at high risk of pressure injury.






Visit the Mobility Hub showroom in Wairau Valley Auckland, for advice and to trial.