Vela Tango 700E

Mobility chair for more freedom indoors

VELA mobility chairs offer independence at home, work or school. A VELA chair allows the user to perform their usual standing or seated activities safely and comfortably without draining energy.

  • The Tango 700 is better suited in most situations for inside chores than a wheelchair or walker.
  • With a central brake, this adjustable chair is walkable and sturdy.
  • The 20/30cm electric height adjustable feature allows for greater reach and assisted standing.
  • The seat can rotate 90° LH and RH.
  • We will build each chair to the user’s unique fit and function requirements. You can configure this chair with various seats, backrests and accessories to fit your needs.

Visit the Mobility Hub to trial our Indoor Independence Chair in our Auckland showroom. Morton & Perry also deliver Independence Chairs Auckland-wide.