Office chairs for disabled adults

Vela office chairs with brake and electric lift for disabled adults

A disability can present different challenges in everyday life – and many disabilities affect mobility. Vela make an office chair with a brake and electric lift to help disabled people lead a more manageable life at home or work.

Whether recovering from surgery, injury, or a temporary condition, the Vela Chair provides the support and flexibility you need to maintain your daily routine without compromise. Experience the freedom of movement, knowing that Vela has you covered during times of transition.

The Vela Independence Chairs are more than just seats; they are empowering solutions that enable individuals to engage in daily activities with ease. Whether you or a loved one faces challenges with balance, the Vela Chairs provide unparalleled support and stability.

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What is an office chair with a brake and electric lift?

The design of  Vela home or office chair for disabled adults is based on Vela’s expertise and many years of experience.

An office chair with a brake and electric lift from VELA can help disabled adults with the following:

  • Greater mobility in everyday life.
  • Easy seat height adjustment.
  • Armrests for support and comfort.
  • Good overall support and comfort.


Revolutionary Designs for Enhanced Living

Traditional chairs can pose significant challenges for individuals with poor balance, often making routine tasks a daunting endeavor. The Vela Chairs, with their revolutionary designs, address this issue by offering:

  • Central Brake: The central brake system ensures that you or your patient can always sit safely and stably, providing confidence during various activities.

  • Raising/Lowering Function: The electric lift feature allows effortless adjustment of the chair’s height, ensuring the perfect position for any task, whether it’s getting dressed, reaching for items, or simply enjoying a meal.

  • Armrests: Foldable armrests enhance maneuverability, facilitating easy transitions from a chair to a bed and vice versa.

  • Mobility: The mobility feature enables smooth movement, allowing individuals to navigate their surroundings comfortably.

  • Support and Comfort: Vela Chairs prioritize both support and comfort, creating an environment that fosters independence and well-being.

Vela Office or Home chairs for disabled adults provides independence

A a home or office chair for the disabled from VELA has smooth-running wheels, with plenty of room between the wheels so a person can “walk” or push the chair around.

If you have a disability in your legs or back, it can therefore be a relief to be able to “walk” around while sitting down.

When you are not walking the chair around, you can simply apply the handbrake and continue your activities.

Getting around can be very important for your self-esteem and self-perception, as you can now carry out many daily activities all by yourself. Of course, it all depends on your disability, but the chair will help you along the way.


Addressing Balance Issues in the Elderly

For our elderly users, Vela Chairs become indispensable allies in daily living. Balance problems can hinder the simplest of tasks, such as getting dressed or moving from the bed to a chair. Our chairs with a central brake provide stability, making these activities more manageable.

Electric Lift for Seamless Transitions

The electric lift feature becomes particularly beneficial when moving from one surface to another. By folding away the armrests and utilizing the central brake, individuals can effortlessly transition from the chair to the bed or vice versa. Adjusting the chair’s height with the electric lift ensures the perfect level for various tasks, enhancing overall convenience.

Height Adjustment: A Simple Solution for Balance Issues

The height-adjustable feature of Vela Chairs proves invaluable for those struggling with balance. Simple tasks like emptying the dishwasher, which may induce uncertainty and dizziness, become manageable with the press of a button. Lower the seat to comfortably reach the dishwasher without bending forward, then effortlessly return to the normal height after completing the task.

Supporting Sit-to-Stand Movements

The electric lift feature not only aids in seamless transitions between surfaces but also provides essential support during sit-to-stand movements. Utilize the central brake, raise the chair, and allow your feet to slide down to the floor. The chair supports you from behind, ensuring a calm and safe standing experience.

Where do you need the chair?

vela chairs for disabled adults

Vela at Home

office chairs for disabled adults

Vela at Work

Office or Home chair with brake and electric lift

A chair from VELA is easy to adjust in height and can help people with reduced balance who may feel insecure when they bend forward or reach for things. Set the seat height low for peace of mind.

With the help of a button, you can change the height of this office chair yourself. Many people with disabilities benefit greatly from this particular feature, as their reach is now significantly extended.

Raise your seat’s height so that you can easily use the sink or reach the top shelves. Or lower the seat’s height and fill the bottom drawer of the dishwasher.


Vela Chair Bariatric version

Breaking barriers, the Vela Chair is crafted to accommodate individuals with heavier bodies, offering a bariatric option that combines comfort and stability. No matter your size or shape, the Vela Chair ensures a tailored experience, fostering a sense of inclusivity and well-being.

Vela Chairs Can Get help with energy consumption

If you have never had access to an office or home chair for the disabled or people with disabilities before, there may be a lot to gain by considering whether you manage your energy in the right way.

Perhaps you spend all your energy getting around the house and performing the most necessary of your daily chores? Do you already feel exhausted after lunch?

If this is something you recognise, an office chair with brakes and wheels will make a big difference for you.

There will be no more fatigue at the end of the day. With a Vela office or home chair with a brake and electric lift, you can plan where and how you would like to save your energy during the day.

In this way, you will still have energy for fun activities – such as having friends around. That will improve your quality of life.

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