Therapists Consultations Rooms for Enhanced Client Care

Empowering Therapists: The Mobility Hub’s Vision for Elevated Client Care

Mobility Hub is a space where therapists find a haven for product testing and trials that simplifies the consultation process, making it more efficient and effective for both therapists and clients.

Nestled in the heart of Wairau Valley on the North Shore of Auckland, our Mobility Hub at 39 Porana Road is more than just a showroom – it’s a comprehensive space designed to empower therapists in their quest to find the perfect mobility solutions for their clients.

The Mobility Hub is more than a showroom; it’s a curated space where therapists and clients can explore, test, and experience an extensive array of products that redefine the possibilities of mobility. From the latest in electric power wheelchairs to the thoughtful design of independence chairs and the innovation of self-feeding devices, our commitment is to empower individuals with choices that enhance their daily lives. Come, immerse yourself in the world of possibilities at The Mobility Hub – where mobility is not just a function but a personalized experience.

A Unique Consultation Space for therapists: Mobility Hub

Imagine a space where therapists can seamlessly transition from one assessment to another without the hassle of traveling back and forth.

The Mobility Hub offers just that – a dedicated consultation space within a mobility equipment shop. Therapists can utilize our assessment areas and explore a variety of mobility equipment on hand, creating an environment that fosters informed decision-making.


Why Choose the Mobility Hub as Therapist?

Efficient Product Testing: With all the necessary equipment readily available, therapists can conduct trials and product tests in real-time, ensuring the perfect fit for their clients without the need for multiple appointments.


Expert Assistance: Our team of experts is based at the Mobility Hub, ready to assist therapists in selecting the right equipment for their patients. Whether you bring your own Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist or rely on our in-house experts, we are committed to empowering you with choices and potential solutions.


Ministry of Health and ACC Affiliation: Morton & Perry, the sister company of the Mobility Hub, is an affiliated equipment provider for the Ministry of Health and ACC, so therapists have access to pre-approved equipment for funding, streamlining the process of acquiring essential mobility aids.


Convenient Location: Strategically positioned just off SH1, the Mobility Hub is easily accessible, making it a convenient choice for therapists looking to enhance their clients’ mobility solutions. We offer dedicated disabled parking and wheelchair-friendly facilities for added accessibility.


Thoughtful Assessment Spaces For Therapists:

Our assessment spaces are designed to cater to various needs, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process:

Kitchen and Dining Areas: Explore these spaces for holistic assessments, allowing therapists to mimic daily kitchen activities in a showroom kitchen setting.

Seating Assessments: A dedicated room with a plinth is furnished for seating assessments, featuring both active and passive lifting equipment for seamless transfers.

Workstation Setup: A specialized workstation equipped with a versatile Hilo seated or standing desk and complimentary Wi-Fi ensures therapists can create an ideal workspace for their clients.

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Therapists Have Access To A Range of Products to Explore

The Mobility Hub stands as a space for accessibility and choice, offering a diverse and comprehensive range of mobility solutions sourced from renowned international brands.

Our commitment to providing top-tier products ensures that therapists and clients alike have access to a spectrum of options that cater to individual needs and preferences.

In the realm of wheelchairs, we showcase an array of choices, including manual wheelchairs designed for versatility and ease of use. Travel wheelchairs, crafted with portability in mind, offer a perfect solution for those on the move.

For those therapists seeking advanced mobility, our powered wheelchairs combine cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design, providing a seamless and comfortable experience.

Our collection of mobility scooters is a testament to our dedication to enhancing independent mobility. From robust models suitable for varied terrains to compact travel mobility scooters ideal for urban exploration, we ensure that every client finds the perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Independence chairs take center stage, offering a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics. Tailored to seamlessly integrate into home and office settings, these chairs empower individuals to move freely and independently within their environments.

As therapists and clients navigate through our showroom, they will encounter an impressive assortment of walkers and rollators. Sourced from the Norwegian designer Topro, these European-designed aids are not only functional but also stylish, ensuring users move with confidence and flair.

In the realm of comfort and support, our Vicair wheelchair stand out for their quality and innovation. These washable cushions are meticulously designed to provide optimal comfort and pressure relief, addressing the unique needs of each user.

The Mobility Hub doesn’t stop at conventional aids; we delve into the realm of cutting-edge technology with devices like the Obi Robot. This innovative self-feeding device is a game-changer for individuals with upper extremity limitations, offering newfound independence and convenience during mealtime.

Mobility Hub: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions, that you, as a consumer or as a therapists, might have regarding the Mobility Hub as a space for client consultation

Q1: Can I bring my own therapist to the Mobility Hub?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist to the Mobility Hub.

Q2: Are appointments necessary for product testing?

To ensure we provide you with our undivided attention, we prefer setting up appointments for bookings. However, walk-ins are also welcome.

Q3: How does the funding process work with Ministry of Health and ACC affiliation?

Our team is well-versed in the funding processes and can guide or assist you through the steps required for Ministry of Health and ACC funding.

Q4: Is technical support available?

Absolutely! We have in-house technical support, spare parts, and offer prompt assistance in the event of breakdowns or the need for adjustments.



In conclusion, the Mobility Hub is not just a showroom; it’s a supportive environment for therapists seeking to enhance the lives of their clients through personalized and efficient mobility solutions.

Come, experience the difference at the Mobility Hub, where choices, solutions, and convenience converge to redefine the consultation process. Your journey towards improved mobility starts here!


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