Is a Walking Frame better than Crutches?

Is a walking frame better than crutches?

That depends. The function of crutches and the function of a walker are quite different and which one is most suitable will depend on the users individual situation.

Lets take a look….

Function of Crutches

Crutches are ideal for short term solutions when you have a foot injury, where you require to offload weight, and slowly increase the weight load.

Crutches require the rest of the body to work harder so can be used when the rest of the body is strong and fit, or for permanent handicaps where the user is agile and like to have more mobility freedom.

Function of a Walker

A walker is a fall prevention tool and offers stability and support. It is ideal for users that have good use of both their legs and feet, and can walk short distances unassisted.

The walker is there to offer support while walking, sitting and to store groceries in. In addition, as soon as the user feels dizzy they can take a seat.

Benefits of a Walker

  • Walkers offer more stability than crutches, as well as a seat and storage options.
  • A walker places less pressure on the hands and wrists.
  • Its easy to let go of the handlebars and perform an activity, without having to
    find a resting place for the crutches.
  • A walker cost more than crutches and is more a permanent solution vs an interim solution.
  • For seniors, users with neurological conditions or joints problems a walker is the best solution.

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