How to Select the Perfect Wheelchair Cushion

How to Select the Perfect Wheelchair Cushion for Your Indidvual Needs

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of wheelchair cushions, helping you make an informed decision that not only enhances your comfort but also elevates your overall well-being.

Whether you’re a seasoned wheelchair user or just starting your journey, our expert insights will guide you towards the perfect cushion for your needs.

In this article, we will discuss things to consider when shopping for a wheelchair cushion, the importance of choosing the right product, and introducing the top-quality range of Vicair technology products available to New Zealanders through Mobility Hub.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Cushion

Why is selecting the ideal cushion crucial? Your well-being is at the forefront. Just as nurses prioritize comfortable shoes for their long days on their feet, if a significant portion of your day is spent seated, a comfortable cushion is essential.

Choosing the right wheelchair cushion is not just about comfort; it plays a pivotal role in maintaining the correct seating position. This not only facilitates smoother communication with others but also ensures your safety by minimizing the risk of sliding out of the chair.

Moreover, cushions play a vital role in preventing the development of painful pressure sores, which can lead to costly treatments if left unaddressed. Therefore, having the right wheelchair cushion is a non-negotiable necessity for wheelchair users. Why does selecting the right cushion matter? Because it directly impacts your comfort, safety, and overall well-being.

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Choosing a Wheelchair cushion

When shopping for a wheelchair cushion, ensure you take into account the following factors:

Comfort: Whether you’ll be seated on this cushion for a short period or an entire day, prioritizing comfort is essential.

Stability: Opt for a cushion that provides stability to prevent sliding and facilitates ease of movement when reaching or performing various activities in your chair.

Skin Protection: Choose cushions offering pressure relief and reduced friction to prevent the occurrence of painful pressure sores.

Microclimate: Consider the temperature and moisture balance against the seat to minimize the risk of skin breakdown. Aim for a cool seat with good airflow.

Cushion Weight: While heavier cushions may enhance comfort, they can add weight that might affect self-propulsion in a lightweight wheelchair. Select a cushion that aligns with your specific needs.

Cushion Height: A taller cushion may make reaching surfaces easier, but ensure it doesn’t compromise the chair’s fit under tables or desks. Confirm that the height accommodates easy transfers.

Maintenance: Assess the maintenance requirements of different cushions. Some may need regular checks (e.g., air cushions for leaks), while others are low-maintenance (e.g., honeycomb cushions).

Price: Consider the cushion’s cost in relation to your budget. Factor in durability and features to make a well-informed decision about which type best suits your needs.

Explore the Right Material:

Various materials cater to different needs and budgets. The optimal choice depends on your preferences and the duration you spend in your wheelchair. If you’re seeking a cushion with positioning support:

Positioning Support: Consult with a medical professional to explore options that correct your posture and maintain the best position for you.

Extra Positioning Aids: Discover a range of cushioned options designed to provide additional support. These aids assist in positioning your arms, hips, and more for enhanced comfort.

Incontinence Resistant Cushion: If incontinence is a concern, consider cushions with covers designed to resist liquid absorption. This protective layer extends the life of the wheelchair cushion. Ensure you find the right material that aligns with your specific requirements and budget constraints.

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Vicair Wheelchair Cushions Technology

The unique Vicair technology is based on what the Vicair team calls ‘SmartCells’. When people see the SmartCells that are present inside the Vicair wheelchair cushions, they often ask “What’s inside the triangles?”. The answer to that is really quite simple: “air”.

Vicair is all about packaging air in a unique way, providing maximum comfort, washability, and improved positioning for the user.

The foundation of Vicair SmartCells lies in the tetrahedron-shaped design, with a single SmartCell serving as the starting point. However, the true strength of these SmartCells is revealed in their collective numbers. When utilizing a Vicair wheelchair cushion, you’re not simply seated on one SmartCell; rather, you experience the support of hundreds of them. A fundamental advantage of this multitude is evident when considering the longevity of Vicair wheelchair cushions. In the event that one SmartCell experiences an air leak, the cushion continues to function seamlessly. This resilience is the key to the enduring durability of Vicair wheelchair cushions, making them a smart and secure choice that stands the test of time.

Beyond the aspect of safety, the combined SmartCells intricately form layers within the compartments of our cushions, enhancing the overall support and comfort provided.

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Vicair wheelchair cushions: High quality
skin protection

Vicair presents a diverse Protecting your skin is one of the most important things to do when you’re in a wheelchair. Things that play an important role in skin protection are pressure redistribution, minimizing shear forces and managing the microclimate. Vicair wheelchair cushions are designed to excel on all of these attributes, because:

-Air is the best medium to redistribute pressure

-Vicair compartment design creates stability, minimizing shear forces

-Vicair O2 wheelchair cushions provide temperature and moisture regulation due to their open structure

Types Vicair wheelchair cushions

Vicair presents a diverse range of wheelchair cushions, each tailored to cater to the unique preferences of wheelchair users.

Among the highly coveted models are the Vicair Adjuster O2, Vector O2, and Active O2 cushions. Notably, these models offer user-friendly maintenance by being machine washable, ensuring convenience for users.

The Vicair O2 cushions, featuring an open fabric structure, provide exceptional breathability while remaining resilient against incontinence. This dual functionality enhances overall seating comfort significantly. For an in-depth look at the Vicair Vector O2, check out our informative video.

Explore more insightful Vicair videos by visiting our dedicated YouTube channel.

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