How do I choose a walking frame?

How do I choose a walking frame?

Good question! There are lots of things to consider when choosing the best walker or walking frame for your needs. 

We have expert staff on-hand at our Auckland based showroom who can help you select products to try before you buy.

In the meantime, here are some things to think about…

Form follows function

Think about your needs: In what kind of everyday situations would you require a walker? Where is assistance needed? What are your daily risk situations?

There is a walker for each situation. Ask for assistance from one of our team members to guide you to the right solution. The right walker needs to fit like a glove!


Where would you store the walker? Would you keep it unfolded and ready for use? Or would it need to be stored away in a narrow hallway or cupboard?

Walkers fold up in a variety of ways. Finding one that stores away easily and is stable on all 4 wheels when stored, is a must. Our Topro walkers are all stored away easily and safely.

Your walker is there to offer support while walking, sitting and to store groceries.  In addition, if you were to feel dizzy, you can simply take a seat.


Would you want to transport the walker in a boot of a car?

If you would, a walker that is easily folded and lightweight to lift is a must.

Most walkers will fit in the boot of a car, but having a walker that can be
secured with a clip, so it doesn’t come undone while lifting is an important safety measure.

Walker Accessories

Our Topro walkers come with a variety of accessory options. These can make your life a lot easier!

For example, a one handed brake is essential if only one hand has strength.

You may also benefit from a back rest support, water bottle holder, cane holder or a serving tray that can be secured to the seat. All are ideal for indoor use. 

Come and try out our walkers in our Auckland Showroom.

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