Best Blogs for Disabled People and Carers

Our list of inspiring personal stories and insightful articles relating to disability

Welcome to a world of inspiration and insight!

If you’re seeking heartwarming personal narratives and practical articles centered around disability and the aging journey, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Our dedicated team has combed the vast realms of the internet to select a collection of the absolute best blogs for disabled individuals and their caring companions.

Unveiling this list was no small feat, given the abundance of outstanding bloggers out there. Through meticulous consideration and reviews research, we’ve pinpointed the crème de la crème. These blogs stand out as interesting points of references for individuals navigating life with a disability, confronting the challenges of aging, or caring for a loved one with mobility constraints.

Immersing yourself in the real-life experiences shared by individuals in similar circumstances can be a powerful antidote to feelings of isolation, whether you’re living with a disability or caring for someone facing mobility issues.

As you delve into the candid and personal stories within these chosen blogs, you’ll quickly realize that you’re not alone in your journey.

Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable achievements recounted by these bloggers. Beyond fostering a sense of community, the selected blogs provide invaluable information and practical advice across a spectrum of topics, spanning from finance to travel.

Whether you’re seeking connection, inspiration, or practical guidance, this definitive list is your go-to resource. Many of these blogs are regularly updated, so we encourage you to follow your favorites and stay abreast of the latest insights.

Embark on a journey of empowerment and discovery with our definitive list of the best blogs for disabled individuals and their caring allies.

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“Simple Emma”

Emma is a Scottish blogger who loves to travel. She writes informative posts about accessible travel from her experiences as a wheelchair user, including reviews of accessible music venues and tourist attractions.

“Blue Badge Style”

Fiona Jarvis first realised she might have MS when she kept falling off her high-heels! ‘People thought I was drunk – and that was the confusing thing, as I could well have been.’ That was over 20 years ago and today she uses a wheelchair to glide through life.

“Martyn Subley”

Martyn Sibley blogs about his personal journey living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and is a dedicated disability campaigner. He was recently named the third most influential person in Britain with a disability.

“CP Teens Blog”

This is the blog of the CP Teens UK organisation and has some inspiring articles particulary for youner people with disabilities.

“View from a Walking Frame”

This is a the personal blog of Nicola, who shares her experiences of being a young person living with Cerebral Palsy


The JBOT blog is written by Jo Southall, an Occupational Therapist, and features useful information, support and advice for people living with limited mobility or long-term health conditions.

“Limitless Travel”

This blog is part of Limitless Travel, a company that specialises in accessible holidays and tours. It features some inspiring posts about travelling with a disability and other topics of interest to people living with a disability.

“Zachary Fenell”

In his blog posts writer Zachary Fenell aims to “educate and dispel cerebral palsy misconceptions in a fun, engaging way. He writes from a personal perspective with insight and humor.

“The Inclusive Home”

Blogger Vaila is an architect and mum to a child with learning and developmental disabilities. She is passionate about sustainable inclusive design and writes some excellent posts about home adaptations, accessibility issues and family life.


Top Blogs for people with Mobility Disabilities – Conclusion

It is human to think that we are the only ones going through a challenging situation. By reading the stories of other people, we can feel less alone on a particular journey, and actually discover fountains of inspiration through the lives of others.

We believe that by sharing these interesting blogs and sites, we might be able to make a difference in the way you see your situation right now. Some people need more times than others to realize that humans are amazing at helping each other and growing along the way.

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