A Revolution in Mobility: foldable travel mobility scooters

Travel more with a foldable travel mobility scooter

As life progresses, we may face mobility challenges, whether due to aging, medical conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or recovering from a stroke.

Mobility equipment plays a pivotal role in providing the freedom and independence needed to lead a fulfilling life and to satisfy our desires, such as travelling the world!

A  foldable travel mobility scooter such as the Atto Classic or Atto Sport, is packed with innovative, revolutionary features guaranteeing convenience and mobility while you travel.

Read on to learn how an electric mobility scooter can transform your mobility experience.

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Foldable travel mobility scooter

In the world of mobility solutions, the ATTO Classic and ATTO Sport stand out as true game-changers.

These innovative scooters not only fold effortlessly but also transform into compact trolleys, defying the conventional limitations of mobility devices.

The result of meticulous engineering and design, the ATTO series ensures no compromise on comfort, safety, and style for users with physical challenges.

Mobility scooters for elderly

Travel Scooters for people with mobility difficulties

The ATTO is meticulously designed to provide a comfortable and safe driving experience. Its wide footprint ensures stability when unfolded, while smart mechanisms allow users to customize the scooter to their preferences.

From adjustable user interface tilt to folding armrests, every detail is crafted to create an obstacle-free and enjoyable driving environment.

The magic of the ATTO lies in its transformative abilities. When folded, it seamlessly becomes a discreet piece of luggage, ready to roll effortlessly alongside you.

The ATTO Mobility travel scooter introduces a spacious compartment under the seat for carrying shopping bags or personal belongings. .

Travelling with a mobility scooter

Travel Mobility Scooters to explore the world

The Atto Classic and Atto Sport scooters effortlessly navigate entrances to museums, cafes, and bars, allowing you to immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of any city.

Their design emphasizes practicality, redefining the concept of seamless movement in diverse urban settings.

These scooters not only provide convenience but also offer an opportunity to actively connect with the surrounding world, creating lasting memories and a sense of belonging wherever your adventures lead.

Whether exploring bustling city streets or participating in expos and events, the Atto Classic and Atto Sport mobility scooters will be your reliable companions, ensuring you can traverse with ease, confidence, and a touch of style.

Mobility travel scooter New Zealand

ATTO: A foldable scooter with stylish accessories

Experience the convenience of a foldable travel scooter accompanied by contemporary and stylish accessories.
Recognizing the importance of personalization and ease, the Atto Classic and Atto Sport have a selection of accessories designed to elevate your mobility journey:

Mobile Phone Holder: Stay seamlessly connected with your devices while on the move. The mobile phone holder on these scooters ensures your connectivity remains uninterrupted, whether for navigation or communication.

Cane/Crutch Carrier: For those requiring additional mobility aids such as canes or crutches, the Atto scooters have you covered. The integrated carrier ensures you can bring all your necessities without compromising on comfort or convenience.

Soft Seats in Black and Red: Prioritizing comfort, these scooters offer it with a touch of style. Choose between classic black or vibrant red leather seats to match your personal preference. Riding in comfort and elegance is your deserved experience.

Mobility and Independence with Your Atto Scooter

More than just mobility aids, the Atto Classic and Atto Sport serve as your passport to unparalleled mobility and independence.

Discover the versatility of these exceptional mobility scooters designed to enhance your life with the following features:

Explore New Destinations: Atto scooters redefine the boundaries of mobility equipment, granting you the freedom to explore new destinations, visit friends and family, or embark on that dream vacation you’ve been planning.

Engage in Outdoor Activities: Whether indulging in a leisurely park stroll or embracing a more adventurous outdoor excursion, these scooters for mobility conditions are built to handle it all. Their robust design ensures your active participation in outdoor activities without constraints.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle: Don’t let restricted mobility limit your lifestyle. The Atto foldable mobility scooter empowers you to sustain an active and engaged life—participate in social activities, join clubs, or enjoy a day out with friends without compromise.

Your ticket to unprecedented mobility and independence awaits with the Atto Classic and Atto Sport mobility aids. Embrace a life of exploration, outdoor adventures, and continued social engagement with these exceptional scooters for mobility conditions 

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Mobility Scooter specifications


Dimensions: Compact when folded, yet the largest and most comfortable when open.

Seat: Thin and stylish, adjustable for comfort and safety.

Battery: Lightweight 48V lithium-ion battery, providing over 16 km of continuous driving.

Speed: Up to 10 km/h (ATTO Sport), surpassing many similar models.

Motor: Unique brushless permanent magnet DC motor for a smooth and continuous drive.

Charger: Smart and powerful charger compatible with international electrical grids.

Handling: Easily separable into two halves for convenient storage.

Folding Time: Only 12 seconds, showcasing the ATTO’s efficiency.

Steering Rod: Adjustable for maximum customization of the tiller.

Height Restrictions: Preliminary tests suggest a minimum height of 150 cm for safe driving.

Environment: Designed and tested for water resistance, ensuring durability under normal outdoor conditions.

Users can enhance their ATTO experience with a variety of accessories tailored to their needs.

IATA Approved Battery:
The ATTO comes with a 48V lithium-ion battery approved for air travel, making it suitable for plane journeys..

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At Mobility Hub, the Atto Classic and Atto Sport mark a revolutionary shift in mobility equipment tailored for individuals facing restricted mobility. These foldable electric travel scooters transcend mere transportation; they symbolize a portal to unparalleled freedom, confidence, and adventure. With a compact design, impressive accessories, and comfortable seats, the Atto scooters are set to transform your mobility experience.

Don’t allow mobility challenges to impede your progress! Embrace life’s adventures with the Atto Classic and Atto Sport as your reliable companions. Embark on a journey of exploration, stay seamlessly connected, and relish every moment like never before.

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